Beer Manufacturing and the Benefits of the Second Hand Equipment Market

As the beer industry continues to grow and develop, many breweries find themselves with an increasing amount of idle or surplus manufacturing equipment. In recent years, manufacturers have found the hidden value in their unwanted assets and are taking a more proactive approach, focused on improving efficiency and increasing their bottom line. 


Many companies find themselves taking the easy route with their unused equipment, but what they may not realize is the amount of capital tied to these assets. In today’s industry, there are a number of service providers who help companies with buying, selling, and managing their equipment. Whether you are looking for consignment services to free up space in your facility immediately, listing a single asset for sale, or working with the sale of an entire site closure, a number of customized solutions are available through EquipNet. 

As one of the most prominent vendors in this field, EquipNet provides a holistic approach to helping its clients sell surplus equipment - Assisting with freeing up space in facilities, while maximizing the company’s financial return. 


EquipNet’s MarketPlace is the largest online venue for pre-owned equipment; current inventory features a Complete 10 BBL Brewery with Hydrators, Mash, Tanks, Fermenters and Mills, a Complete Criveller Wine Filling Line with Filler, Corker, Gas Fill Capsule Application and Labeler, a Meccanica Spadoni Filtration System, a Palmer Rotary Can Line and Conveyance, and more. 

In addition to helping clients sell their assets, EquipNet occasionally has customers looking for specific pieces of equipment not listed on the company’s online MarketPlace. EquipNet is actively looking for: Brite Tanks, Filling Lines for Cans & Bottles, Fermentation Tanks, and more.

With the increasing demand of equipment within the manufacturing sector, EquipNet’s exclusive contracts help to get equipment in front of the most relevant buyers in the industry. The company’s clients span across a number of industries and range in size from small businesses to multinational Fortune 500 corporations. These solutions deliver maximized financial return while improving client’s corporate image, adhering to company’s safety standards, and contributing to sustainability initiatives.  

To learn more about the financial benefits of the second hand equipment market in the beer industry, reach out to Greg Feinberg or visit today.


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