Massachusetts Breweries

The following map shows an updated list of operating Massachusetts breweries:

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Your Guide to MA Beer is Here! 

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Attention craft beer lovers - your next #MABeer is closer than you think. The Mass Brewers Guild has launched “Mass Craft Beer,” a new mobile application and beer trail map.

The free app, now available in iTunes and Google Play stores, includes every visit-able brewery across the Commonwealth in its passport program. Users can now carry their passport on their phone to tour, taste, check-in and never miss another stamp.

Features include: finding breweries near you via your geo location, check-in to breweries you visit and add them to your passport, earn rewards and merchandise by collecting stamps, get the latest event news with links to purchase tickets, create your own brewery tours with an interactive brewery map and directory, save your favorite beers to purchase later, and more. Download it today and start exploring! Cheers to MA Beers! 

 *MA Numbers as of 12/29/17. For more information, visit*

*MA Numbers as of 12/29/17. For more information, visit*